Leopild Redlig

It was the evening of the 12th of December and I was not in balance. Not even baking saffron buns cheered me up at the time, so I decided to make a song based on erroneous decisions: At every point throughout the song where a decision would be made, I should choose the wrong alternative.
The result may seem “interesting” but at least I survived to tell the story. If you are paying attention there may be something to learn from this. Please do not apply this in real life.

A lot of mice

I was recently able to recover some music I made with my Amiga 500 computer in the mid-nineties. I intend to post some of the songs here to make the world decide whether it wants to suffer from them or simply ignore them.

After recovering the contents of my music floppy disks, there was one song whose name I did not remember. Hence, it was the first one to convert to a standard, “modern”, music format. This is that song.
I remember experimenting with an advanced brass arrangement, failing miserably, making a silly arrangement instead and then just leaving the work on the song at that stage.
Beware, the tune is quite catchy.