Här kommer Bambu Fem

During my military service I started playing mahjong with a small group of people. We realised that one of the tiles, 5 Bamboo (Bambu Fem in Swedish), really sounded like a name of a rock band. Thus, after the service was over the Gävle-based people in the group (Anders, Mikael, Thomas) formed that band, while adding an additional performer (Johan). We decided that we should play music styles that we were not comfortable with, which meant that after some months we had composed a rather eclectic set of songs. We were lucky to find that anouther friend (Christian) needed to record a demo as an exam project in his sound engineering course. That is why recordings of Bambu Fem exists. “Här kommer Bambu 5” was meant to function as an overture for the band.

Mikael Andersson: Guitar
Thomas Ågren: Bass
Johan Alpmar: Drums
Anders Tjulin: Keyboard