Monster Loves You!

Monster Loves You!

If you think it was difficult growing up as a human, just consider how it would have been growing up as a monster. Your life starts in a tank of slime and while growing up you gain different amounts of personality traits (bravery, cleverness, ferocity, honesty, and kindness) and the respect from other monsters based on the desicions you make as monsterling, adolescent and fully grown monster. If you are sufficiently respected you may continue your monster career as an elder, or you get recycled in the tank. You may even go on to achieve great accomplishments in the diplomatic interactions between monsters and men. You can write monster history!

Monster Loves You! is a cute little game, or rather a cute little interactive story, where the choices you make matters. It is very nice in small doses, but after a couple of lifetimes the little adventures you experience starts getting a bit repetitive. The same can be said about the music. It is interesting that the way some choices influence the personality are not immediately obvious, but that they start to make sense after a while when more is learnt about monster life. The storyline is inventive and clever and the monsters are cute to look at. Monster Loves You! offers a relaxed escape from the human reality.

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