Global dancefloor

Interrailing is a great experience.
In the summer of 1996, me and a friend were exploring the central areas of Europe by railway. After a minor misunderstanding of the time-tables, and the location of the coach station, we found ourselves stuck in Brno in Moravia (Czech Republic) for a day. Our guide-book exclaimed extend your stay and delve deeper, so that is what we had to do in Brno. In the centre of the city we found a poster that advertised a strange party containing a global dancefloor. These two concepts inspired the creation of two interesting songs.
A strange party sounds like a party that you enjoy when arriving, but after some time you notice that something about the party is slightly off and you start feeling bad about it. I made a song trying to mimic that experience, but it ended up too horrible to be put on the internet.
A global dancefloor is a dance floor encompassing the whole planet, in contrast to the normal, local, variety. You cannot leave and wherever you go, the people around you continue to dance whether they like the music or not. This tune expresses an example of how I believe the non-local dance music should sound.

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