Bordelleri fallera

Recursion is fascinating.
I had the idea to make a song that would also function as a computer program with which the song could be played, or alternatively make a computer program that would be able to transform its own zeros and ones into music. That project did not end with a satisfactory result, neither in terms of music nor programming.
I also had an idea to make electronic music, which in principle would sound the same when played at significantly different speeds. This would work in a similar way as those images which repeat themselves when zooming in on them. That project actually worked, but not very well artistically.
This song is an experiment of using the program that plays the song as an instrument in the song. Of course I had to cheat somewhat by cutting the program into pieces and stretching and compressing its waveform.
The song was created in connection to a brothel-themed party at my student residence. Hence the title.

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