Garden of your mouth

As an ambitious physics student, I naturally got the idea to compose a song connected to each relevant example in the textbooks. The first of these songs was made to illustrate “The Astronauts’ Tug-of-war” from the introductory course in mechanics. The chords in the song were of course mostly experimental because of the topic of the example, and the lyrics were initially taken straight from the textbook. However, the words soon had to be changed in order to fit the melody, and the theme of the text degenerated into something more pessimistic than two astronauts tied together by a rope in outer space: the complete disparity between the expectations and the realities of modern life. When the song, which was now a piano ballad, was finished after several weeks of hard work, the theme was no longer relevant and I decided to never make another physics textbook example song.
One year later I squeezed the song into my Amiga, and it turned into this simple pop tune.

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