The Hanging Tree

The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch on Bokus

Yes, The Hanging Tree is number six in the series of books about Peter Grant, apprentice wizard and London police constable with river connections. Yes, this means that a certain routine has been established in the story, but it still feels as an exciting read.

The story takes place some time after the end of the previous book, Foxglove Summer, and Peter has returned to his normal duties at the Folly in London. A sudden, possibly drug related, death has occurred at an exclusive party at One Hyde Park, the ridiculously expensive apartment block in Knightsbridge. One of Peter’s river acquaintances asks Peter to ensure that her daughter, who was present at the party, is not included in the police investigation. This, in itself, of course means that Peter starts working with the case. It leads, as usual, to situations where Peter is far from in control and lots of property damage.

The story is relatively complex, connecting in many places to the previous books in the series. Many characters, some I had completely forgotten, from those books also reappear extending the list of names in the story to the level that I would like to have a character list included in the book, like in the Russian classic novels. The book is entertaining and it feels nice to notice that Peter gets better and better in both aspects of his work. As usual, the book has an open ending, but at least it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger this time.

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